About us


Iran Passade Co was established in 1990 by participation of 3 men as charter members whom they were expert in foreign purchase procurement as they used to work in a dominant state owned company in detergent field over the past years, they established Iran Passade Co to take advantage of their own experiences in order to supply the most reliable raw materials through well-known manufacturers in hygienic and detergent field worldwide.

The first decade of Iran Passade establishment would be considered as fundamental decade of company. In post-war period Iran was in urgent need of raw materials for finished products to cover local requirements for hygienic and detergent demands.

At that time Iran Passade Co with cooperation of an experienced British Company called Wardel Chemicals made significant progress by offering detergent and hygienic raw materials through first-hand sources.

Fortunately, coordinated cooperation and continuous follow-ups came to fruition and by support of international companies e.g. Warwick International, Colgate, Manro & ICI could play an effective role in supplying raw materials for detergent and hygienic companies.

To summarize the 1st decade of our journey, it should be mentioned that Iran Passade Co was very active at this period and strong foundations were established.

Iran Passade